Brenda Hanna – Office Manager

It’s not uncommon that on a typical day our Office Manager, Brenda Hanna, comes in contact with more customers than anyone else in our company. We are delighted when this happens because your complete satisfaction is our primary goal and we know that, when you’re with Brenda, you’re in two of the best hands in the business.

Brenda recently celebrating her 10th anniversary with Food for Thought. Prior to her coming to Food for Thought, she honed her relationship skills as a business owner in the collectible art industry. She owned galleries in several locations, including downtown Cleveland.

Competently managing a busy and talented office staff, Brenda’s team successfully processes hundreds of orders every day. And hundreds of positive experiences. 

Brenda’s guaranteed commitment to you:

  • In every conversation you’ll hear a reassuring smile 
  • Focused attention to your specific requests
  • You’ll feel like the most important customer of her day.