Best Decision I Ever Made


"The best decision I made in my business was to incorporate the theory of mise en place [mi za plas] in everything I do. Mise en place is a French phrase meaning "to put in place."  It is used in professional kitchens to refer to organizing and arranging ingredients.  I learned the term in my first year of restaurant management and it stuck.

Putting everything in place to me means having every aspect of my business or work day arranged so my team and I can execute in the most effective and impactful way.  If you have everything laid out and are prepared for the unexpected, it is easier to handle the inevitable daily chaos.

as a business owner, it is extremely important to "set the table" and get everyone focused and on board with both strategic goals and daily tasks.  The catering business offers exciting daily challenges and every one of our teammates at Food for Thought is set up for success by having the best ingredients at their fingertips to create a consistent wow-factor for our customers.  If you are able to always put the right ingredients, including talent and resources, in place at the beginning, you will be able to exceed expectations,  I believe our focus on mise en place is our secret ingredient.

If this kitchen analogy doesn't resonate, think of the soft high lob on the tennis court, the set-the-spike in volleyball, or teeing it up on the golf course.  Whatever vision works, create the set up and confidence in your deliverables."

Crain's Cleveland Business Vol. 36, No 31

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