Smart Food

Bonnie and Susie give a healthy cooking demo at a local business.

Food for Thought is focused on being smart – with food, wellness and operations. We have worked with clients to develop proprietary, health-approved menus used for all the catering provided to those clients. These healthy, client-owned menus can be accessed and adapted as needed. 

We are currently working with the director of the Lake Health Wellness Institute and her staff to create more new healthy menus, some of which are featured in our monthly specials.

An on-site workout facility is available to our employees free of charge and Bonnie sits on the health and wellness committee for COSE. We have also offered wellness and exercise classes to our employees.

Food for Thought is the proud owner and caretaker of a 30+ cubic foot composting area. We utilize that healthy compost to grow our own herbs and use them in our healthy recipes.

It is our goal to continue providing healthy food options to our customers as well as to continue educating them on healthy eating.